Bubble Lounge Podcast

A weekly podcast for women living in University Park & Highland Park. Funny commentary and insights on what to see and do in the neighborhood.

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What an entertaining podcast! The topics are not only compelling, but also interesting and hilarious. Martha and Nellie put so much energy and enthusiasm into each episode.

The topics reach well beyond the “Bubble.” This is the highlight of my Thursdays!

Christie W.

The Friends of the UP Public Library love that someone has taken an interest in our community and be able to share what makes us University Park!

These podcasts are a great way to get to know our local community. Martha and Nellie are great ambassadors for our awesome city!

Renne L.

I absolutely love love love The Bubble Lounge! I feel so much more connected to my community because of their podcasts. Their guests are informative and entertaining.

And as for Martha and Nellie, they are just real moms sharing great information about what is going on in and around town.

Beth S.

Love listening to you both. Extremely helpful tips on life around town. I learn something new every time I listen. Keep up the excellent work!!

Kathy M.

Martha Jackson

Nellie Scuitto

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