About Us

The Bubble Lounge Club is an exclusive online retail club created to help connect customers with unique and locally owned small businesses.

We offer a curated selection of apparel, accessories, financial, health and wellness products and services to save you time and money by vetting the businesses and offering them all in one place.

Started by a Dallas mom who loves supporting small businesses that offer high-end products with great service!

Why Shop in the Bubble Lounge Club

Deciding where to spend your money is a very personal choice and we are here to help guide you and to make that decision easier for you.

When you buy local products and services, you make a personal connection you would otherwise not have with a larger chain store.

We have all felt happy for our friends who have opened a new business and we have also mourned when we have seen a small business close their doors during hard times. You don’t make this personal investment when you shop with big box retailers.

We are here to connect you to small local businesses and to save you time by putting the best local businesses in Dallas all in one place!

Why We Started the Bubble Lounge Club

The Bubble Lounge Club came about during the COVID-19 pandemic when so many businesses were struggling and in fear of closing their doors. We had so many people reach out and ask to be on our podcast, The Bubble Lounge, and we could hear the fear in their voices and we wanted to help in any way we could.

We are on a mission to connect consumers with local merchants and encourage people to support small and independent businesses. More than anything we want small businesses to be successful and thrive, so we came up with a plan to partner with local business owners and offer consumers all of the best small local businesses that Dallas has to offer all in one place.

Just imagine how generic our city would be if all we had were big chain stores and restaurants filling our streets. Independent businesses offer so much more to our community. These are the businesses that support all of our school fundraisers and make it possible for our children to have better technology and experiences. Our support of these small businesses is vital in order for them to survive.

We have hand-picked businesses we feel have top of the line services, merchandise and have an excellent reputation. We only recommend businesses that we have experienced first-hand and have met our criteria and we feel like are a good fit for our customers.